8 Tips For Dealing With Hair Tangle

Hair tangles are among the most annoying things we encounter when trying to style them, as untangling the knots may take a long time after combing, and violent combing may expose the hair to damage.

In addition, the violent pulling process that occurs when trying to untangle may be very harmful to the scalp, especially for people with sensitive scalps.

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To reduce hair tangles, you must know the causes that lead to this first, then try to treat them, or avoid the habits that lead to them, so that you can learn about them.

Porosity and hair tangles

Individuals who are prone to extreme tangling may have what experts call high porosity hair; Which means that the outer layer of hair (also called the hair cortex) is not as dense. This makes the hair absorb and lose water quickly, which leads to it getting tangled quickly as well.

Also, the friction of the hair scalp with high porosity against each other may lead to the hair getting tangled quickly, making it difficult to style, and the degree of tangling may vary from one person to another depending on the quality of the consistency of the outer scalp.

According to MindbodyGreen magazine, some people are born with naturally high porosity hair, but there are others whose hair strands become more porous, compared to before, due to exposure to harmful factors such as ultraviolet rays, lightening hair color, chemical straightening materials, etc., Therefore, care must be taken when styling because it may be more susceptible to breakage.

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Other reasons that lead to hair tangling

Other reasons that lead to hair tangling

Among the reasons that lead to hair getting tangled easily is its dryness and lack of moisture, which means it is difficult for the comb to slide through it.

If dry hair is tied, or constantly twisted back, this process causes the strands to tangle easily and wrap around each other, and at the end of the day, styling the hair becomes a lot of effort.

Also, sleeping on a rough type of fabric greatly helps in preventing hair tangling at night, because the hair sticks to the fabric fibers easily.

To avoid this problem, it is always recommended to sleep on pillows made of satin or silk. Because it is softer and harmless to the hair.

The method of combing and styling hair is considered a cause of this problem, especially for people with coarse hair, as they pass the comb quickly, without inserting it deep into the hair, which is the place where tangled strands usually gather.

Tips to avoid hair tangles

A set of easy and simple tips can be adopted, in order to avoid the problems of frequent hair tangling, and to be able to style it easily at home.

Among the most prominent of these tips are the following:

  1. Minimize the use of heat styling and lightening tools as much as possible
  2. Stick to thick, creamy washing products
  3. Apply a hair moisturizing mask as part of your weekly routine
  4. Use moisturizing pre-shampoo treatments
  5. Choose hairstyles that suit your natural hairstyle
  6. Comb the hair from the roots to the strands 
  7. Braiding hair before bed
  8. Avoid drying hair with a towel

Advice for styling hair correctly 

The most important advice that hair experts give to people who suffer from tangled strands is not to rush in trying to untangle the knots by using a comb. This movement, which some people think is normal, leads to increased split ends, breakage, and hair tangling.

Therefore, it is good to use oils suitable for the nature of the hair, then comb it gently and gently, without pulling it with great force.

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