Best Highlights and Lowlights for Every Hair Color, as Recommended by Top Stylists!

Discover the world of hair color enhancement with our expertly crafted guide to highlights and lowlights. Our top stylists have curated the best combinations for every hair color, providing you with the perfect roadmap to a stunning and dynamic look. Whether you’re a radiant blonde, a fiery redhead, or a sultry brunette, we’ve got the ultimate recommendations to transform your tresses. Dive in and uncover the secrets to a vibrant and captivating hair transformation!

Highlights for Blondes

Blondes have more fun, or so the saying goes. But with the right highlights, they can take their hair game to a whole new level. Our top stylists recommend warm, honey-toned highlights for those with light blonde hair. These subtle highlights add dimension and depth to your locks without being too overpowering. For those with darker blonde hair, champagne or platinum highlights create a stunning contrast and give a sun-kissed effect that is both natural and eye-catching. No matter your shade of blonde, highlights are sure to bring out the best in your hair!

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Highlights for Brunettes

Brunettes often have rich, luscious locks that make heads turn. But with the right highlights, they can achieve an even more stunning and dynamic look. For those with light brown hair, caramel or toffee highlights add warmth and dimension, while ash or platinum highlights give a cool and modern edge. Darker brunettes can opt for bronze or copper highlights to add a touch of brightness without going too far from their natural color. The key is to choose contrast that complements your base color for a seamless and natural look.

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Highlights for Redheads

Red hair is bold, fiery, and definitely makes a statement. But with highlights, it can be taken to a whole new level of sophistication. Our top stylists recommend opting for strawberry or copper highlights for those with light red hair. These shades add warmth and dimension without taking away from the fiery nature of red hair. For those with darker shades of red, auburn or chestnut highlights can bring out the richness and depth in their hair color. The key is to choose hues that enhance your natural red tones for a radiant and show-stopping look.

Highlights for Brown hair

Brown hair is versatile and can work with a wide range of highlight shades. For those with dark brown hair, caramel or honey highlights add warmth and dimension while creating a beautiful contrast. Ash or platinum highlights can also bring out the cool undertones in dark brown hair for a modern and edgy look. Lighter shades of brown can benefit from golden or champagne highlights, adding a touch of radiance and brightness to their locks. The key is to choose shades that complement your natural hair color and bring out its best qualities.

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Lowlights for All Hair Colors

Just as highlights can brighten and add depth to your hair, lowlights work to add depth and volume by darkening certain strands. They are particularly effective in creating a multi-dimensional look that gives your hair a stunning, natural appearance.

  • Blondes: For blondes, lowlights in shades of light brown or ash blonde can create a beautiful contrast and give your hair a more textured look. It not only adds depth but also can make your blonde pop even more.
  • Brunettes: Brunettes can benefit from lowlights in darker shades of brown or even black. These tones enhance the richness of the brown and make the hair seem thicker and more voluminous.
  • Redheads: Add lowlights in deeper shades of auburn or brown to red hair to enhance its fiery nature. This can help to make the red tones appear even brighter and more vibrant.
  • Brown hair: For brown hair, consider lowlights in a darker shade of brown or even black. This will help to add depth, creating a thicker and healthier appearance.

Remember, the key to perfect lowlights is ensuring they blend seamlessly into your base color, enhancing your natural shade rather than overpowering it.


In conclusion, highlights and lowlights are the perfect way to transform your hair and add a touch of dimension and depth. With the right combination, you can enhance your natural hair color and achieve a stunning look that is sure to turn heads. Consult with your stylist to find the perfect shades for your specific hair color and skin tone, and get ready to rock a vibrant and captivating new ‘do! # Best Highlights and Lowlights for Every Hair Color.

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