To protect your eyes, here’s the recommended TV-sofa distance

The use of large, high-definition televisions can pose a challenge to eye health if they are not used correctly. Sitting too close to the television screen is a practice that can lead to vision problems in the long term. Common harms to the eyes as a result of watching television from close distances include: Headaches, dry eyes, eye strain, and muscle cramps, but these problems can reduced by maintaining a proper distance between the eyes and the TV screen.

In this report, we will guide you to the healthy distance that must exist between… 

The TVs we watch and the sofa to maintain our eye health.

The optimal distance for watching TVs

The ideal distance between devices and the sofa depends on several factors, such as screen size, resolution, and individual preferences.

Usually, it is suggested that the screen diagonal should be between 1.5 and 2 times the viewing distance. For example, if you have a 50-inch TV, the ideal distance could be between 75 and 100 inches (1.9 to 2.5 meters). However, this rule can be adjusted according to your preferences. the person.

In general, you should place your TV at a distance of twice the screen size away from the sofa you will be sitting on. This sounds a little confusing but it is very simple. If you have a 60-inch TV, then your sofa should be placed at twice the distance, i.e. 120 inches. inches, or about 3 metres.

You can also invert this equation to determine the size of TV that will fit your living room. Measure the distance between where your sofa is and where you want to place the TV and divide it in half. Two meters is about 80 inches, so a 40-inch TV would be ideal.


TV screen size x 2 = ideal distance between TV and sofa.

Measure your space / 2 = The best TV size that fits your space.

Making sure your sofa is the perfect distance from the TV will ensure that the picture is clear, and it will also mean that you won’t have to keep turning your head when watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Screen size and resolution

Screen size and resolution

Screen size and resolution also play a role in determining the appropriate distance between the TV and the sofa. Although large screens provide an enjoyable viewing experience, they require a long distance to avoid visual fatigue. 

It is a good idea to have high-resolution screens such as 4K or 8K. As they allow you to enjoy excellent image quality even when sitting at a close distance.  

Adjust distance for different activities

The distance between the TV and the sofa can adjusted based on the type of content you are watching. For example, you may need a closer distance for a better cinematic experience when watching a movie. While a farther distance may required to enjoy more challenges while playing video games. Taking into account the usual guidelines for determining the appropriate distance. You can adjust Dimension depends on the type of activity you do.

Arrange multiple seating options

In rooms with multiple seating, such as sofas and chairs, it’s important to make sure everyone has a comfortable view. 

You can organize the furniture so that you have clear sight lines from each seat to the TV. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy watching without any strain on the eyes or discomfort. 

Ideally, your TV should be as parallel to your sofa as possible to get the best picture but can be positioned about 15 degrees apart without resulting in a distorted picture.

 You may want to consider investing in a TV arm to help you solve viewing or floor space issues that may interfere with the picture. A corner sofa may be a good option to help give your family and friends a good view from all angles, too.

Sound quality and location

The distance between the TV and the sofa also affects the sound quality. So the sound should be balanced and clear, so sitting close to the speakers can be beneficial. Conversely, sitting too far away may reduce the clarity of the sound and miss fine audio details. Try different seating positions to find the one that suits you best. Provides the best sound distribution and highest possible quality.

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