9 Simple Tricks That Will Make Your Waist Look Small

We may not be exaggerating when we say that half of the world’s women are looking for an answer to a simple question: How do I get a slim waist permanently? It does not matter whether your body shape is curvy, straight, or hourglass-shaped, there is a constant need to have a small waist in most standards of beauty in our modern reality.

We may not be able to offer you a permanent solution, as this requires exercising and eating healthy to maintain your fitness, to get that waist, but we can certainly provide you with the best 9 tips on how to make your waist look smaller by playing with the way you dress.

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1. Wear loose, high-waisted jeans

If you’re worried about your tummy and want to cinch your waist to look more confident, then you need high-waisted jeans.

Several stars and celebrities, such as Megan McKenna, Chloe Ferry and Maura Higgins, have worn wide jeans and posted their photos on social media networks recently.

Jeans are made of a very solid fabric, which means they will look straight and unwrinkled on your body and will not show any hidden imperfections. Once you wear high-waist jeans, you are dramatically increasing the amount of space that these stylish pants can cover. The same goes for shorts and high-waisted skirts. Consider choosing durable and solid fabrics that will make your body appear smaller than it is.

2. Play with the colors of the pieces you wear

Color is an important topic when it comes to fashion, as designers spend long hours choosing the right color, and it is not only about fashion and popular colors but also about the compatibility of colors with each other.

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Light colors will make your body appear larger than you are. Conversely, dark colors will make you look slimmer. Therefore, the best way to flaunt a small waist is to wear a dark monochromatic dress or a two-tone dress, in which case make sure the top is darker.

Another trick you can do is to wear dresses with black slits around the waist area, especially on the sides. There are many dresses with black sides that are designed specifically to make the waist appear slimmer. If you are wearing shades of the same color, make sure that the color of the waist area is darker than the rest.

3. Choose the appropriate patterns

When choosing a piece of clothing that will make your waist appear smaller, it’s not just about the colors, it’s about the patterns you wear. Never wear horizontal stripes; It will make you look fuller.

It is also recommended to avoid small prints and large polka dots. These standard patterns either make you look too thin or too plump. If and when you choose, act based on your intuition, the mirror in front of you, and the opinion of a close friend.

4. Accessories can completely change your look

Some accessories like wide belts can make your waist appear smaller. The good news is that you can wear a wide belt over anything, even a cardigan.

If you do not want your waist to show, you can distract attention from it by wearing some bright-colored jewelry, scarves, or handbags. So your waist area will go behind the scenes.

5. Wearing large clothes hides excess weight

One of the most important fashion trends at the moment is oversized clothing. It is true that they cannot make your waist appear smaller, but they will certainly hide the problem, such as loose blouses and shirts with buttons, and most importantly, the coat! The only rule is to highlight your legs by wearing skinny jeans or black tights and high heels. This contrast between loose and tight clothing will give the illusion that your body is less full.

6. Short jackets will highlight your waist more

Jackets may have been invented to make us look fitter, here’s another fashion hack including the good old blazer. Jackets get wider at the bottom over time, so a short jacket will hide your waist and make it look slim due to its wideness, and if you can get an oversized charming jacket over it, the result will be great.

7. Wrap dresses

Because of its V-shaped shape, a wrap dress will make you look slimmer, no matter where your body is. Thanks to its design, your shoulders get more width and the belt defines a clear boundary above your waist before your waist begins. Some dresses may vary depending on the fabric used, but in general, they are very useful for making your waist appear smaller.

8. High heels make you look less plump

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m not fat, I’m just tall?” In practical terms, you can still look curvy even if you are tall, but visually, your height will distract from whether your waist is slim or not. This is why high heels never go out of fashion. Once you wear it, it makes your body look slim, your legs elongated and your waist smaller. On the other hand, flat shoes will make your body look shorter and your waist fuller.

For a prettier look, wear pale colors for high heels. The closer the color is to your skin tone, the taller you will naturally grow.

9. Try wearing a corset or shapewear

Wearing a midriff dress or corset helps highlight your waist. If you wear high-waisted pants or skirts, this will also help make your waist appear higher and smaller. We’ve seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian do this trick time and time again. There’s a reason for that: this trick always wins. It also helps boost your self-confidence because you know that you can eat those sweets without worrying about your appearance.

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