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Experts agree on the importance of walking and its great health benefits, but what is the optimal number of steps to enjoy good health and avoid the risk of premature death caused by cardiovascular diseases?

This is what was determined by an international study conducted by the University of Granada, confirming that 8,000 steps per day is the ideal number that guarantees most people the greatest benefits. It also showed that the pace at which you walk provides additional benefits.

The study, the results of which were reported by Science Daily magazine, provided the first scientific evidence on the number of steps that you must take daily to significantly reduce the risk of premature death, which is 8,000, pointing out that, given the average human step length (76 centimeters for men and 67 centimeters for women), Taking 8,000 steps is equivalent to walking about 6.4 kilometers per day.

The researchers also showed the study, which was published this week in one of the leading cardiology journals in the world (Journal of the American College of Cardiology), that the pace at which we walk has additional benefits, and that walking quickly is better than walking slowly.

The research was conducted in collaboration between researchers from the Netherlands (Radboud University Medical Center), Spain (Universities of Granada and Castilla-La Mancha) and the United States (Iowa State University).

Ancient belief

There was a widespread belief that in order to reap health benefits, one needed to achieve approximately 10,000 steps per day. However, this idea, which originated in Japan in the 1960s, lacked scientific evidence. Francisco P. Ortega, a professor in the Department of Education, Physical and Sports at the University of Granada, clarified this misconception in his study.

For optimal health, it has been demonstrated that increasing your daily step count is beneficial. There is no specific threshold that is detrimental to your well-being. Aim for a target of 7,000 to 9,000 steps per day, as this is considered a reasonable goal for most individuals.

The researchers based their study on a systematic review and meta-analysis of data from a dozen international studies that included more than 110,000 participants.

The importance of the study, according to the researchers, is to provide simple and tangible goals for the number of daily steps that people can easily measure using their phones, smart watches, or bracelets, thus contributing to improving people’s health.

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