10 Clever Strategies for Babyproofing Your Bathroom

The bathroom, for its many utilities, can be a veritable wonderland for a curious toddler. However, it can also pose several hidden dangers for your little one. It’s essential, therefore, to create a safe environment that allows them to explore without the risk of harm. In this guide, we’ll share ten clever strategies for babyproofing your bathroom, helping you minimize potential hazards and give you peace of mind as your child discovers the world around them.

Create Barriers

The first line of defense is to create barriers that prevent your baby from getting into anything that could harm them. Install a safety gate at the entrance of the bathroom to keep your child out when you’re not supervising them. You can also place a latch on the toilet lid to prevent your little one from opening it and potentially falling in.

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Keep Cleaning Supplies Out of Reach

Cleaning supplies are often stored in the bathroom, and many of them can be hazardous to your baby’s health. Make sure to keep all chemicals, such as bleach and toilet cleaners, out of reach in a high cabinet or locked closet. Consider using natural and child-friendly alternatives for cleaning purposes.

Secure Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets usually contain items like medicines, razors, and shaving cream that are potentially dangerous for children. Use childproof latches to secure all cabinets and drawers in the bathroom to prevent your little one from accessing these items.

Cover Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can be a source of fascination for young children, but they can also pose a serious danger. Cover all outlets in the bathroom with plastic covers or install safety outlets that automatically close when not in use.

Keep the Toilet Seat Closed

Toilets can be hazardous for young children, who may fall in or play with the water and potentially drown. Make sure to keep the toilet seat closed at all times when it’s not in use.

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Install Anti-Slip Mats

The bathroom floor can become slippery, especially after a shower or bath. To prevent falls and injuries, install anti-slip mats in the bathtub and on the bathroom floor.

Store Towels Safely

Towels can present a potential choking hazard for babies if they’re left lying around in the bathroom. Always hang towels up high or store them safely away in a cabinet to avoid any accidents.

Remove Sharp Objects

Scissors, razors, and other sharp objects should be removed from the bathroom or stored in a locked cabinet. This will prevent your child from accidentally injuring themselves.

Install a Toilet Lock

A toilet lock can be an additional measure to keep your baby safe from drowning or playing with the water in the toilet bowl. These locks are easy to install and can provide added peace of mind.

Supervise at All Times

No matter how thoroughly you babyproof your bathroom, it’s crucial to supervise your child at all times. Accidents can still happen, and the best way to prevent them is by keeping a close eye on your little one.


Creating a safe environment for your baby in the bathroom requires careful planning and consideration. By implementing these ten clever strategies for babyproofing your bathroom, you can minimize potential hazards and keep your child safe while they explore this new space. Remember to always supervise your little one and make adjustments as needed to ensure their safety at all times. With these measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is protected in the bathroom.

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