Do not underestimate face wash and sunscreen… everything you need to have healthy skin

There is no doubt that we, women, are looking for skin care methods; Because we are constantly seeking healthy and perfect skin, it helps us leave the house without wearing makeup if we want to.

For some, this healthy skin may mean fewer pimples on the face, fuller skin, or simply brighter and smoother skin. Smooth texture and a radiant look are the main features of any healthy skin

In the realm of skincare, the key to achieving healthy skin lies in comprehending your skin type and obtaining the necessary products. It’s crucial to prioritize what truly promotes skin health rather than getting caught up in fleeting skincare trends.

Here are 4 important and necessary tips about everything you need to have healthy skin: 

1- Find a good lotion

While some may believe that selecting a face wash is unimportant for maintaining healthy skin, arguing that it is swiftly washed away by water and therefore ineffective, this does not mean it should be disregarded as a mere by-product. It is crucial to recognize that careful consideration of face wash options can yield significant results in achieving a strong and vibrant complexion.

We wash our faces at least 14 times a week, when we wake up and before we go to bed at night, so it’s important because it’s practically the most used product in our skincare routine. 

It is simply the backbone of your routine, and the skin can be greatly damaged by using the wrong cleanser. You can notice this after two or three uses maximum.

Now you may wonder: How can I discover a facial cleanser that perfectly caters to my skin’s unique needs? According to Leslie Thornton, a renowned beauty and skincare expert and the visionary behind the esteemed Klur brand, “A superior cleanser not only imparts a delightful sensation to your skin, but also enhances its natural microbiome, restores its optimal pH balance, and effectively safeguards against dryness and irritation. After just a couple of applications, you will discern whether your chosen lotion bestows a radiant and healthy complexion upon you or falls short of expectations.”

2- Compensate for what your skin loses 

The body naturally produces a variety of substances that are beneficial for skin health, namely: collagen, elastin, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and squalane, in addition to some antioxidants. 

All of these materials should inspire you when choosing a set of skin care products, from serum to moisturizer and sunscreen, if you want to have healthy skin.

The production of these substances – naturally – within the body is affected by several factors, most notably: aging, lifestyle, and diet. Therefore, you must constantly compensate for what your skin loses, by searching for products rich in these essential substances that promote skin health.

3- For healthy skin… sunscreen is essential 

sunscreen is essential 
Sunscreen is an essential necessity for healthy skin

Sunscreen offers numerous benefits. If you’re wondering how to best shield your skin from sun damage, the answer is simple: completely avoiding the sun may prove challenging, especially in the summer when its rays can uplift our mood.

Therefore, in short, sunscreen is an urgent necessity for our skin, to care for it and protect its surface and the many layers beneath it. Do not underestimate its importance and its role in protecting your skin, because the benefits of sunscreen are many. 

The beauty industry is full of many types of sunscreens. Although it’s good for every woman to be particular about the ingredients she puts on her skin, ultimately the best choices are the ones you use.

Therefore, the best sunscreen is the one that you will use regularly. Any sunscreen will be useful and is certainly better than not using it. Healthy skin means protecting it from the sun. 

According to the Healthline website, spending a day at sea requires us to raise the degree of protection factor ( SPF ), or renew its application every two hours, to avoid skin burns. 

4- Massage the face regularly

You need to include facial massage in your skincare routine. This practice will not require a long time unless you want to, and it does not require tools, although a facial massage tool would be a good addition.

You do not need to go to beauty salons to get a facial massage. You can easily learn the correct method online, and it will be great for your skin to continue this habit.

Facial massage stimulates blood circulation and contributes to reducing fine lines, so it is recommended by beauty experts to maintain healthy skin.

According to a study published in December 2018 in the scientific journal Science Direct, facial massage has been found to have a profound effect on the overall appearance and radiance of the skin, leading to the attainment of healthy and glowing complexion.


In conclusion, achieving and maintaining healthy skin need not be an overwhelming or complex task. Understanding your skin type and its specific needs is the first step towards nurturing your skin. Remember to choose a good face wash that keeps your skin’s microbiome balanced and complements your skin’s natural pH. Supplement your skin with the necessary elements it naturally loses over time with the right choice of skincare products. Always include sunscreen in your daily regimen to protect your skin from damaging sun rays. Lastly, regular facial massages will improve circulation and contribute to reducing fine lines. With these tips, you can look forward to a skincare routine that enhances your skin’s health, leaving it radiant and glowing.

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