Study: Noise and hearing loss are linked to weight loss with age

A research team from Finland observed a relationship between exposure to noise and hearing loss on the one hand, and weight loss with age on the other hand.

Noise in the environment surrounding humans poses a threat to health in general, as continuous exposure to noise leads to hearing loss or deafness, but a new study conducted by a research team from the University of Oulu in Finland has concluded that there may be a link between exposure to traffic noise and the possibility of losing weight.

The study conducted by the scientific team, headed by researcher Yuan He, aimed to determine the relationship between hearing loss and body structure, and whether there is a link between body weight and noise exposure, within the framework of a scientific program called “Long Tool Project.”

The study, published by the scientific journal Scientific Reports, relied on data from the UK Biobank and other studies related to genetic engineering and focused on volunteers between the ages of 52 and 63 years. It was found that hearing loss can lead to decreased body mass.

Researcher Yuan He confirmed that this study provides evidence that elderly people who suffer from hearing loss may be subject to weight loss.

He added in statements to the Medical Express website, which specializes in medical sciences, that “this discovery is considered a challenge for those who suffer from hearing loss and malnutrition at the same time, as it is necessary to increase nutritional support for this group that is specifically at risk.”

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