9 Easy And Practical Tricks To Keep Your Hairbrush Clean

The hairbrush is one of the personal tools that we use several times a day, which exposes it to contamination due to the accumulation of fallen hair, dust, dandruff, and residue of styling products. This makes it need to be cleaned periodically, so what are the best tricks that can be adopted in this area?

Brushing hair is an essential step in a beauty care routine, as it detangles the hair and enhances its shine. It also massages the scalp and stimulates its blood circulation. Cleaning the brush once a week helps rid it of dirt and bacteria accumulated on it and also keeps the hair clean for a longer period.

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1- Getting rid of hair stuck to the brush:

Removing hair stuck to the brush is a necessary step to clean it. In this case, it is sufficient to use the hand or a comb to remove all the hair stuck between the brush bristles or nails. It is recommended to adopt this step once a day or even after every time we use it to style our hair.

2- Use white vinegar:

To clean and sterilize the brush, it is recommended to soak it in a solution consisting of hot water to which a cup of white vinegar is added after heating it in the microwave and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Leave the brushes in this solution for 15 minutes to an hour, which makes it easier to remove any impurities stuck on them. This solution helps sterilize the brush and soften its hair, but it should be noted that this method is not suitable for brushes made of wood or cane.

3- Using sodium bicarbonate:

To use bicarbonate in this area, it is enough to add 4 tablespoons of it to a liter of hot water, then soak the brushes and combs in this solution overnight, then rinse them the next day with a mixture containing a similar amount of water and vinegar. This helps rid the brushes of impurities and dirt accumulated on them.

4- Adopting shampoo or soap:

Shampoo and soap can clean the hairbrush. It is enough to put a little of one of them on a damp toothbrush and use it to clean the hairbrush, provided that the hairbrush is then rinsed well with lukewarm water.

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5- Using shaving foam:

Using shaving foam is an effective way to clean your hairbrush. Simply apply a small amount to the brush, then use your fingers or a toothbrush to gently scrub it. Rinse the brush thoroughly with water and allow it to air dry. This method ensures proper cleaning while preserving the brush’s quality.

6- Put it in the washing machine:

To clean a hairbrush, place it in a mesh bag and wash it in the washing machine. It’s best to use a program with lukewarm water and add towels to protect the washing machine. Keep in mind that this method is suitable for plastic brushes, but not for those made of wood or natural hair.

7- Put it in the refrigerator:

Sterilizing the hairbrush with a solution of vinegar and water, then placing it in a bag in the refrigerator will help rid it of lice if it spreads on it.

8- To clean a brush made of natural hair:

Natural hair consists of keratin, which contributes to moisturizing the hair. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the brush made of this hair with a solution of soap and water, then rinse it well with water before leaving it to dry in the open air.

9- To clean children’s brushes:

It is recommended to clean used children’s brushes with sodium bicarbonate or white vinegar, as they are natural and harmless materials. In the case of a brush made of wood, you can just wet the hair and then clean it with a toothbrush with a little white vinegar.

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