6 signs that tell you that your daily moisturizing products and care cream are not really suitable for you

Buying moisturizers and skin care products may seem complicated and expensive, and it consists of many steps. You will most likely need a day cream, an evening cream, and an under-eye moisturizer, in addition to a moisturizer that resists the harmful rays of the sun to use when you leave the house.

Not to mention the serums that treat skin problems that you may suffer from, such as lightening creams, treating dark spots, pimples, etc.

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Although you may diligently follow these steps and select products with rave reviews about their effectiveness, it does not guarantee that the creams you use are truly suitable for your skin or will deliver the desired outcome.

As per Insider, it typically takes around 3 to 4 months to witness the complete results of a skincare product on your skin. Despite investing considerable time and money, you may encounter certain indicators that suggest your skincare routine may not be as beneficial as anticipated.

Here’s a detailed guide to those signs you’re overlooking:

1- Suffering from sudden pimples

If you notice that your skin has unusually begun to develop pimples and pimples since your new use of moisturizing and skin care products, start by examining the causes of the problem, according to the Be Beautiful website.

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It often takes two or three weeks to adapt to a new product, so some problems may occur because of this.

However, if you continue to have pimples, the moisturizer may not be right for you. Instead of the cream that you recently added to your routine, try to look for something that does not cause clogged pores, which is the main cause of pimples.

moisturizing products and care cream
moisturizing products and care cream

2- You feel that your skin is tight

If your skin feels tight and feels a little sore after using a moisturizer, then it is not right for you.

Some moisturizers can strip the skin of its natural protective oils, causing dryness, irritation and cracking, which in turn can lead to the appearance of pimples and even premature aging and wrinkles.

Instead, look for pH-balanced products with natural, gentle ingredients to properly nourish the skin.

3- When you feel that your skin type has changed

If you notice a sudden change in texture, this may be due to the skincare products you use in your routine today.

So if your normal or combination skin suddenly turns oily, or even dry and flaky, it’s time to try something new.

Typically, our skin possesses a natural layer of oil that serves as a protective barrier against external elements. However, when harsh creams strip away this layer, the skin enters a state of over-repair, leading to an overproduction of oil as a means of compensating for the damage incurred.

This process usually leads to increased oil production, making your skin look like a mirror of fat, according to Healthline.

This problem can be compensated by using a charcoal mask to restore balance to the skin.

After applying the mask and rinsing it well, choose a light serum rich in hyaluronic acid, to keep the skin fresh and supple.

4- A feeling of burning and numbness after use

If your face is hot and your skin suffers from a burning and stinging sensation after applying moisturizer, there is a good chance that it is too strong for your skin and not suitable for your skin type.

Sensitive skin, in particular, is at risk of suffering from these symptoms, so choose your moisturizer carefully. If you feel that your face is stinging or has a burning sensation after use, wash it immediately.

5- The skin texture is different

If you notice the appearance of small bumps (known as milia) or tiny, invisible bumps on your skin, causing roughness, it may be due to the moisturizer being too heavy and clogging your pores.

Milia are tiny white pimples that form beneath the skin and develop into small, solid pearls just below the surface. They occur when pores become clogged and trap pollutants within.


Milia are minuscule white pimples that gather beneath the skin and transform into small, solid pearls beneath the surface. These blemishes occur when pores become clogged and ensnare pollutants.

Allow a few weeks for this issue to manifest, making it advisable to observe your skin for a slightly extended period when using a new formula.

If you notice that a rough texture is developing, stop using your moisturizer, and instead use a light formula that is more gentle on the skin.

However, make sure to visit a dermatologist to properly correct your skin problem.

As per the Martha Stewart Health and Beauty website, it is strongly advised against attempting this procedure on your own, as it could potentially result in irreparable harm to the skin’s texture and overall appearance.

The skin does not absorb the lotion

6- The skin does not absorb the lotion

Is there anything more annoying than moisturizing your skin with a new cream, only to find that the formula clumps and rubs off as soon as you touch it, like specks of dirt?

If you find this happening, your moisturizer is likely too heavy for your skin to absorb properly. 

Instead, try a lighter formula that can be absorbed more easily by the skin and disappear into the skin, rather than changing the texture of your skin and ruining your makeup.

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