Brighten Up Your Space: Tips to Instantly Make Your Apartment Look Lighter and Airier!

If you live in a house that’s somewhat dark or doesn’t have many large windows to let in natural sunlight, you might consider changing the lights or using more of them in hopes of improving lighting. But let us tell you that lamps alone are not enough, and fortunately, there are several easy ways to decorate your home or office to turn it into a brighter residence.

Achieving the ideal level of lighting can pose a challenge, yet it offers an enjoyable pursuit. It’s also a staple for almost every interior design style. Here are some great ideas to improve the lighting in any bedroom, kitchen or living room and make it look brighter.

Use light-colored rugs and furnishings

White will become your new best friend, it reflects light, so it will amplify the little sunlight you have in your apartment. If you have a gray or dark chair or furniture, there is no need to replace it. White pillows and a light, light-colored blanket will brighten up the space even more.

Use mirrors

Mirrors not only give the illusion of more space, but they also reflect light around the room. Increase natural light by hanging a mirror directly across from the window. You can also hang two mirrors across the room opposite each other to bounce the light around your space. Or if you’ve got two windows in the same room, hang a mirror between them to act as a third window and maximize brightness.

Clean windows and lampshades

This may seem like obvious advice, but when you think about the last time you cleaned your windows and light fixtures, you may not remember. Dirt, dust and stains can accumulate in these areas, greatly reducing the valuable light they provide.

Use floor lamps directed to the ceiling

A floor lamp aimed at the ceiling and placed at the back of the room can work wonders in a dim space. It will fill some of the darker spaces in your room as the sunlight starts to fade.

Decorate the room with light furniture

Large, dark furniture pieces contribute significant visual weight and obstruct the flow of valuable sunlight throughout the room. On the other hand, simple, soft, light furniture is an elegant way to give the impression of more space and allow more light to penetrate the room. 

Reduce clutter

Get rid of unnecessary clutter that makes your living space look darker and cramped. When thinking about anything in your home, think about whether it has any particular function or a special memory for you. But if it is of no use or you never use it and it is not dear to your heart, then it is time to get rid of it.

Consider adding pendant lights to your space

Do you wish you had a window instead of a wall? Try hanging lamps of different lengths against the wall instead. Your guests will be so distracted by the elegant decor, that they’ll forget there’s no view. Hanging lamps also create a dramatic effect and make the ceiling look higher, which is perfect for small spaces.

Add sheer curtains

If your room has only one window or the windows you have are quite small, consider hanging sheer curtains. They will still let in natural light but add an airy feel to the room. Plus, when they’re drawn back, they won’t block any light. You can also add a white or sheer curtain over your blinds to filter and diffuse the sunlight.

Use light-colored paint

Painting walls with light, neutral colors will do wonders in making your space look brighter. Avoid dark or bold colors as they can make a room feel smaller and darker. If you’re not ready to commit to a full paint job, try painting just one accent wall in a light color and see the difference it makes.

Incorporate metallic accents

Silver, gold, or copper metallic finishes can effortlessly infuse a space with elegance while also scattering light throughout the room. They can be incorporated through accessories like picture frames, vases, or even furniture legs. Just be sure not to overdo it and risk creating a cluttered look.

Add plants

Plants not only enhance the ambiance of a room with their vibrant colors, but they also play a vital role in purifying the air and increasing moisture levels. Plants such as succulents, spider plants, or peace lilies are low-maintenance options that will thrive in natural light. Just be sure to choose plants that are suitable for your space and take care not to overcrowd them.


These tips may seem small but when combined, they can make a big difference in brightening up your space. Remember, the key is to maximize natural light and create an airy feel by using light colors, mirrors, and decluttering. With these tips, your apartment will feel like a brighter, happier place to live!

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