Light up your home: 5 simple steps to choose the perfect lighting for every room

Choosing the appropriate lighting for each room of the house is not an easy process. You need to follow many steps, which take into account many different main factors, which are the objects in the room, the quality of lighting, the quality of the fixtures, and the colors approved in the room.

As per the renowned decoration experts highlighted in “The Spruce” magazine, the process of selecting the perfect lighting can be simplified into 5 easy steps. With these steps, effortlessly create the desired ambiance for every area of your home. From the cozy bedroom to the refreshing bathroom, ensure both comfort and appropriateness. Enhance your space with these invaluable lighting tips to create an inviting and delightful atmosphere.

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Measure the room area 

Before selecting the right light for a room, it’s important to measure its length, width, and the distance from the ceiling to the floor.

This step helps determine the type of light fixtures that are suitable for the room, as well as the appropriate type of chandelier, in terms of size and the strength of the lighting it provides.

Not only that, natural lighting sources emanating from the outside must be taken into consideration. If the sunlight emanating from outside is strong, a chandelier with few lamps can be used, and vice versa.

The balance between lighting and decorations 

It is necessary to create a kind of balance between the lighting and decorations in the room, especially at the ceiling level, because each type serves a specific decoration method.

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Integrated ceiling lighting provides an overall glow, while table lamps or wall-mounted options can enhance the appearance, especially to complement decorations.

In this type of space, it is also possible to use lighting emanating from the floor because it highlights the beauty of the decorations, gives it a more elegant appearance, and focuses on the focal points of the room’s design.

Lighting distribution in the room itself

It is very important when designing the decor of a particular room to think about the presence of different levels of lighting, meaning incorporating different types of lamps into one space.

In this case, it is possible to choose different fixtures, distributed over many areas in the same room, to create a kind of balance in the distribution of lighting, which can be strong in one place and unlike another.

This effortless movement can bring warmth to any space by allowing easy control of the illuminated angle. Enhance the ambiance with this simple technique for a cozy atmosphere.

Determine lighting according to the function of the room

Each room has its functions. For example, the functions of the kitchen are not the same as those in the bedroom, office, living room, and other spaces in the house.

To ensure optimal lighting in a space, it is crucial to determine its intended functions and activities. By doing so, you can select the appropriate lighting that best serves the purpose of the room. This strategic approach to lighting design enhances usability and improves the overall experience for its occupants.

Because the lighting that is suitable for reading a book is not the same as that used for preparing food, for watching a movie, or for receiving guests.

If serves multiple purposes, such as being a dining area, a living room, or an entertainment space, it’s important to consider the appropriate lighting for each function. This involves identifying the types of lighting that best complement the room’s purpose and design. By selecting the right lighting options, you can enhance the ambiance and functionality of the space.

KITCHEN multiple functions
KITCHEN multiple functions

Accent lighting in empty spaces 

Proper illumination is crucial in certain areas of our homes, where it serves as the key feature, enhancing the otherwise empty spaces. Examples of these areas include staircases, wardrobes, narrow corridors, and the foyer.

Therefore, in this case, it is important to choose powerful and spacious lighting that brightens up the area and enhances mobility. Additionally, it can be utilized to accentuate focal points like artwork or sculptures.

To complete the design of the lighting in these spaces, it is possible to use small lighting tools that can be operated and controlled easily. Including floor cuts, built-in lights on shelves and wall corners in the room, etc.


When it comes to lighting your home, choosing the right options for each room can feel overwhelming. But with these 5 simple steps, you can strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Start by measuring the room’s area, then consider how lighting and decorations work together. Next, distribute lighting based on each space’s function, and don’t forget to add accent lighting to empty areas. By following these tips, you’ll create a welcoming atmosphere throughout your home. Get creative and experiment with different lighting types to find what works best for your space. Let your home shine bright and showcase its beauty with the perfect lighting. Transform your house into a cozy sanctuary today! Let there be light!

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